Social Planning is an organised process for investigating and responding to the needs and aspirations of people and communities. It is an interactional process combining investigation, discussion, and agreement by a number of people in the preparation and carrying out of a program to ameliorate conditions of need or social pathology in the community. It is founded on the principles of social justice such as equity, access, participation and rights and aims to enhance community well being and effectiveness. It involves planning for the needs and aspirations of people and communities through strategic policy and action, integrated with urban, rural, regional and other planning activities and usually involves the action of a formal political, legal, or recognized voluntary body. In practice, it is based on a set of values, techniques and skills that contribute to better communities and quality of life and plays a pivotal role in creating livable communities, vibrant economies, sustainable places, diverse cultural expression and social cohesion.

We in Shodhana Consultancy sum up Social Planning under a very simple and powerful sentence: “Social justice is in everyone’s interest that promotes growth and is a catalyst of a movement for social change in search of the common good.” And are tirelessly engaged in such efforts in collaboration with various Govt., non- govt. as well as UN agencies.


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