Social Policy Formulation

A policy is typically described as a principle or rule to guide decisions and achieve rational outcome(s). A Policy can be considered as a "Statement of Intent" or a "Commitment" to people. Policies can be understood as political, management, financial, and administrative mechanisms arranged to reach explicit goals.

Social Policy is the study and appraisal of social milieu in of a society and the welfare state. In general terms, it looks at the idea of the welfare state, and its relationship to politics and society. More specifically, it also considers detailed issues in policy and administration of social sectors such as health care, housing, education, poverty, old age, and social exclusion. In brief social policy primarily refers to guidelines, principles, legislation and activities that affect the living conditions conducive to human dignity. Thus, social policy is that part of public policy that has to do with social justice and the process of empowerment.

We at Shodhana Consultancy have been working mostly on policy formulation and analysis in the areas of education, disability and livelihoods for various state governments as well as GOI.

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