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Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MSRLM)

and ultimately leading them to sustainable livelihoods.

The Project shall be implemented in a phased manner. For the initial launching of the mission a total of ten districts viz. Gadchiroli, Wardha, Yeotmal, Osmanabad, Jalna, Ratnagiri, Nandurbar, Solapur, Thane & Gondia have been identified as the pilot districts for the National Rural Livelihood Project (NRLP). These districts have been identified on the basis of geographical location, ranking on the HDI index, IAP districts etc.

A consorted effort is being made by Government of Maharashtra under National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) to promote livelihood options for PwD in their programme through decentralized planning by formulating inclusive livelihood plan for PwDs. Implementation of this inclusive strategy would not only enhance the livelihood options for PwDs but also form a role model for other districts.

The salient feature of the work is as follows;

  1. Preparatory Task - Design tool for Exclusion mapping, Protocol for Exclusion, Chapter on Social Inclusion in the Community Operations Manual
  2. Identification of Partner NGOs
  3. Disability Mapping & Functional Assessment
  4. Capacity Building

2 blocks (Sangameshwar and Ratnagiri) from Ratnagiri and 3 blocks (Ghatanji, Kalamb and Pandharkavda) from Yavatmal are selected for piloting the Inclusion of PwDs strategy. Survey for identification of PwDs has been conducted in Ratnagiri and Yavatmal. Currently the MSRLM teams are working on the formation of DPOs and entitlements to the identified PwDs. Disability orientation for MSRLM teams and workshop on the livelihood planning for PwDs are completed for both the districts.

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