The 2001 census, the first official headcount of persons with disability mentions that about 22million people in India. However other international agencies, Un agencies put the figure to 40 to 80 million persons with disability. Low literacy rates, few jobs and widespread social stigma make these people among the most excluded in India. Children with disabilities are less likely to be in school, disabled adults are more likely to be unemployed, and families with a disabled member are often worse off than average. With better education and more access to jobs, people with disabilities can become an integral part of society, as well as help generate higher economic growth that will benefit the country as a whole. India has a growing disability rights movement and one of the more progressive policy frameworks in the developing world. But, a lot more needs to be done in implementation and “getting the basics right”. Newer thinking and better coordination and most importantly, making persons with disabilities active participants in the development process is the way forward with a lot of research, documentation, orientation and training in the field.

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